Our Food

                                           SUSTAINABLE MEAT

Playa Grill is proud to use meats and free-range chicken that are sustainable and all natural.
Niman Ranch, one of our premium meat providers, operates quite differently from 95% of the meat market.
It consists of family-owned farms that want to stay true to their farming values. Niman Ranch promises that their animals are raised in an open pasture, fed an all-natural vegetarian diet and are humanely treated and processed.



The benefit of slow-roasting meat is to lock in more moisture and flavor. After the slow-roasting process is finished, the meat falls apart into tender, succulent shreds. Slow roasting is staying true to the traditional Mexican methods of cooking.


                                      MEXICAN WHITE SHRIMP

In Mexico, the warm, nutrient rich waters create a healthy environment for ocean life.
Mexican shrimp are slightly sweet, extra firm in texture and taste very zesty and fresh. They are more delicate in flavor than brown or pink shrimp and are consistently higher in quality.